This is a MOC containing workflows I use to build an maintain my personal Digital Garden.

Current approach is that I maintain my main local vault separately. My digital garden that I publish online is located in a separate local folder (digital garden). Those files can be published online (do not contain private information). They are copied from main folder (vault work) using bash script (see below) and published using awesome plugin GitHub - oleeskild/obsidian-digital-garden and free Vercel account.

Copy Files From Obsidian-sync Vault to Digital-garden Vault Using Automator

This code is for macOS Automator. It copies selected folders from main vault to digital garden. Existing files, folders will be replaced.

Original commands

rsync -aE --delete /Users/maksim/Library/Mobile\ Documents/iCloud\~md\~obsidian/Documents/obsidian-sync/resources/digital-garden/ ~/digital-garden/

rsync -aE --delete /Users/maksim/Library/Mobile\ Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian/Documents/obsidian-sync/resources/learning-tools/cypress ~/digital-garden/

rsync -aE --delete /Users/maksim/Library/Mobile\ Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian/Documents/obsidian-sync/resources/learning-tools/playwright ~/digital-garden/

rsync -aE --delete /Users/maksim/Library/Mobile\ Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian/Documents/obsidian-sync/resources/learning-tools/git ~/digital-garden/

rsync -aE --delete /Users/maksim/Library/Mobile\ Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian/Documents/obsidian-sync/resources/learning-tools/javascript ~/digital-garden/

Bash script

source_path="$HOME/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian/Documents/obsidian-sync/resources"

declare -a locations=("digital-garden/" "learning-tools/cypress" "learning-tools/playwright" "learning-tools/git" "learning-tools/javascript" "learning-tools/feature-toggles")

for location in "${locations[@]}"
    rsync -aE --delete "$source_path/$location" "$destination_path/"

Copy Automator the application into the startup items folder to run every time your computer starts.


Find and Replace Text to Resize Images in Multiple Files Using VS Code

In VS Code:

Hotkey: Cmd+Shift+H'

Option 1





Option 2





Create MOC Automatically

  1. Create moc file
  2. In linked notes, reference MOC file
  3. Use plugin GitHub - dalcantara7/obsidian-auto-moc to generate MOC file automatically using mentions or tags
  4. Run command: AutoMOC: Add missing linked mentions at the coursor position

Move Files with the Same Tag to Separate Folder

Use File cooker plugin to move files in bulk

  1. Ensure all files have tag
  2. Run command: File Cooker: Move links in current file to ..

Create Subdomain in Hostinger and Connect to Vercel App

View this note for more details: create subdomain in hostinger and connect to vercel app

List of Favourite Themes and Appearance Settings