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3.1. What is Version Control

3.1. What is Version Control?

A Version Control System, short VCS, is a system that records its changes to a file or a set of files over time, so that you can recall specific versions later.

In the context of software development, it is used to track and provide control over changes made to source code. Of course, it can also be used for maintaining documentation and configuration files of any kind. For example, for CI systems and CD pipelines.

A Version Control System allows us to revert selected files back to your previous date, revert the entire project back to your previous date, compare changes over time, see who last modified something that might be causing a problem and who introduced an issue. When you lose files, you can easily recover to an earlier date.

In regulated environments, there is no way around a Version Control System. All in all, we can round it up and say, version control is inevitable for the traceability of a development project.